Artists Team

Ou Ning (Guangzhou)
Organizer of the project, Research, DV Shooting, Photos ,Book Editing & Graphic Design

Cao Fei (Guangzhou)
Organizer of the project, DV Shooting, Photos, Video Editing

Li Chin Sung (Hong Kong)
Music & Sound Design

Chen Shi (Hong Kong)
DV Shooting

Huang Weikai (Guangzhou)
DV Shooting

Shi Gang (Guangzhou)
DV Shooting

Zeng Yanbin (Guangzhou)

Zhu Ye (Guangzhou)

Xiao Limei (Guangzhou)
DV Shooting & Photos

He Mingxi (Guangzhou)
DV Shooting & Photos

Li Ruyi (Guangzhou)
Sound Recording

River Yin (Sydney)
Web Design

Marc Xiao (Guangzhou)
Graphic Design



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