San Yuan Li, a collaborative project by Ou Ning, Cao Fei and U-thèque members, is a case study of the typical “village-amidst-the-city” phenomenon in the process of urbanization in Guangzhou. San Yuan Li uses San Yuan Li village as a sample to do researches on the city of Canton. Armed with DV cameras, the crew penetrated San Yuan Li village as a kind of“city flâneurs”, attempting to rethink the debt of history, the confrontation and reconciliation between the process of modernization and the patriarchal clan system and rural community system of Guangzhou, as well as the weird architectures and the humanscape emerging in this village-amidst-the city. All of the images shot are then weaved into a piece of black-and-white imagery poetry.


About The Project

by Hou Hanru

Shadows of Times
by Ou NIng

A Wild Side of Guangzhou
by Cao Fei

Artist Team



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Ein Dorf verschwindet in der Stadt
by Brigitte Voykowitsch

Effervescence à Canton
by Jean-Michel Frodon

Ou Ning and Cao Fei: San Yuan Li
by Karen Smith

Selected Reviews

The Book


About the Book

New Sound of Beijing (by Ou Ning)
Boucan De Pekin (par Ou Ning)



Saw-gash Generation
by Jeremy Goldkorn and Anna-Sophie Loewenberge, Beijing Scene

New Sound of Beijing: China's New Music Era
by Zhang Xueying, China Today

New Beijing Noise
by Christiaan Virant, That’s Shanghai


Backgroud Information

Rockin' in The Mainland China's Sonic Uprising
by Caroline Cooper, Paper Magazine

Zombie Discs
by Neil Gough, Time Asia Magazine

Sound, Protest and Business. Modern Sky Co. and the New Ideology of Chinese Rock.
by Andreas Steen, Berliner China-Hefte (PDF)

Red Sonic Trajectories:Rock in China
by Jeroen De Kloet


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